Sometimes you have to unlearn to learn.  And change to change. Melissa Hunt     I jotted this thought down awhile ago to remind myself that to be open to change requires of me a willingness to unlearn.  It requires of me a liquidness of my mind, body, and soul to be open to a […]

A life truly lived constantly burns away veils of illusion, burns away what is no longer relevant, gradually reveals our essence, until, at last, we are strong enough to stand in our naked truth. Marion Woodman   The risk to stand in our own naked truth is a great one indeed.  But what choice is […]

Be grateful on Mother’s Day when it rolls around and you can celebrate without complications or confusions.  Be grateful on Mother’s Day if you can celebrate without a single trace of needing to do so out of duty or guilt, or because society and Hallmark have decided this is the day to celebrate mothers.   […]