Life is full of complex relationships that can affect our sense of self and well-being in both positive and negative ways.

The unhealthy ones create emotional wounds that often times lead to destructive behavior like Eating Disorders, Cutting, and other Self Harming and addictive behaviors.

They also lead us to believe false and negative beliefs about ourselves and who we are and what we are capable of becoming in the world. Relationship Counseling helps both identify the source of the wounds and begin the process of healing. It is the belief at Four Winds Counseling Center that the wound happened in the context of relationship and therefore needs to heal in the context of Relationship Counseling.

Counseling for Marital Relationship Issues

Marriages are falling apart more than they are staying together today. Affairs, either emotional or physical, pressures of raising kids, lack of communication and sheer busyness of life are causing marriages to fall apart every day.

A damaged relationship can weigh heavily on one’s personal happiness and ability to cope with life’s issues. As an experienced marriage counselor, I can attest to the fact that maintaining healthy relationships isn’t easy (just look at the rising divorce rate).Learning how to truly be present in the relationship allows you to reach greater levels of love, intimacy and trust.

The key is to get help before it’s too late. When we avoid dealing with issues that arise in marital relationships the challenges get progressively harder to overcome.

At Four Winds Counseling Center, I offer relational therapy for marriages. Marital therapy session can involve one or both partners. Either way, we identify and address the issues, and work on strategies to improve the relationship.

  • Toxic / Abusive Relationships
  • Divorce Counseling
  • Single Moms