When the devastation of abuse occurs, it sets a trajectory in one’s life that can continue to cause more and more destruction to your soul.

If you have come from a background where abuse of any kind has happened – sexual, physical, or emotional – it has no doubt affected your personal life, and maybe your professional life as well. Our choices come from a place of shame and self-hatred from the trauma, so a self-perpetrating cycle of “bad” continues to manifest itself in our lives.

It takes courage to seek help. It takes courage to begin to talk about it. I offer a sacred space with no judgement, and no blame. I offer a space to begin to work through the shame and to begin lifting the blame off yourself. My hope is for each and every person who has come from a background of abuse to heal so as not to identify themselves with the abuse or the abuser.  It becomes a part of a story, not the end of the story.

Sexual Abuse Counselor

Sexual abuse is often shrouded in secrecy for years. Sexual abuse is also a quiet killer of the human soul. Most of the time, presenting issues to a sexual abuse counselor reveals long term symptoms such as an inability to trust others, low self-esteem, promiscuity, eating disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder.  Many feel they can’t find their full potential or live to be their true self.  Men feel less than a man and have spent a good part of their lives hiding their true manhood. Women feel like nothing more than a sex object and build their self-worth around false pretense.  An experienced sexual abuse counselor is able to see through the symptoms to a very hurting heart and soul.

At Four Winds Counseling Center, we believe that there is a broad range to the definition of sexual abuse from least severe to very severe. In any case, the damage done to the human soul is severe and because of the violation to the human spirit, it is imperative that the healing take place in the context of relationship with a trusted sexual abuse therapist. Many times sexual abuse is accompanied by signs of post-traumatic stress and other symptoms of trauma, therefore relationship therapy is imperative. Trust was broken and therefore trust in humanity needs to be repaired.

If issues of sexual abuse are left unaddressed, the consequences can be great, particularly in interpersonal relationships. In some cases it can cause people to withdraw and isolate to self-protect from further harm and damage. The end result is a protection from vulnerability and a need to stay in control.

True hope and healing can happen if one is willing to face the pain and betrayal that the sexual abuse caused. That is why a trusted sexual abuse therapist who specializes in relationship therapy is critical.  Contact us to talk to a counselor you can trust.