Living in Colorado it is hard not to be part of, or take notice of the endurance athlete community thriving here.

While challenging yourself mentally and physically can be rewarding, not to mention being able to enjoy the beauty of Colorado in the process, if not done from a healthy place on the emotional and physical level, it can be dangerous to your body. Sports nutrition therapy plays a vital role in finding the balance between mind and body when pushing yourself to the limits.

Melissa has been an active participant in many endurance sports events including multiple marathons, countless half-marathons, and a number of century rides including the completion of the double triple bypass. She doesn’t just work with the sports and endurance community, she’s an active member herself.

Melissa knows the importance of finding balance with food and life. She also knows firsthand the importance of understanding the motives behind competing in these grueling events. All of those motives are important to think through and discuss as part of the sports nutrition process. Having personal experience with these issues, Melissa is very comfortable talking through and helping prepare athletes to be at their best both mentally and physically. Her approach of offering a no-shame, no-blame environment help each individual discover a food plan and understand their own motive for each event.