Holistic Health Coaching Package

6-month program that meets every other week for 45-50 minute sessions


  • Review of current dietary behavior
  • A thorough look at primary foods and secondary foods
  • Evaluation of goals
  • Accountability steps for meeting goals
  • See where changes could be made to meet set and perceived goals
  • Look at dietary theories that may help both your body type and your blood type
  • A thorough examination of what foods work for your body, and which perhaps don’t
  • A thorough look at both sugar intake and caffeine intake and how that may be affecting you
  • A virtual pantry make-over if desired
  • A health food store tour

General rate is $225 / month for 6 months

Please contact us for specific rates & availability.

Holistic Health Coaching with the addition of a Therapeutic Practice:

Weekly 50 minute program, or every other week program that meets for 1.5 hours


  • All of the above Holistic Health Coaching Plan
  • Evaluation of the use of psychotropic drugs (if on them, or if one thinks they need to be on them and seeks an alternative to them through food and other holistic means)
  • A deeper exploration of food and addictive and emotional eating issues
  • A deeper understanding of cravings and how they are based on emotions and a perceived need verses a real need:  learning to understand the difference between real food needs, and perceived food needs
  • A deeper exploration of primary foods which are relationships, career, physical exercise, and spirituality:  how these are the most important things to maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle.
  • A deeper look into the past and how it affects your life today and where healing needs to take place.

General rate is $120 / 50 minute

Counseling Only rate is $120 / 50 minute session

Please contact us for rates and scheduling.