You knew something wasn’t right growing up, but maybe you can’t quite identify it.

This type of counseling is for those who feel they can’t quite fit into any other category of counseling offered but feel something is not okay with them.  It is a category for those who weren’t parented – either from abandonment, or had parents that weren’t capable of  parenting due to their emotional or physical state. With mental illness so prevalent in our society, many people have ended up with children that they were not capable of parenting. That leaves the children of these parents with some deep wounds.

Maybe you felt like you were a parent before you were a child, or that your childhood was taken away from you because you were parenting your parents or looking after your own siblings. A childhood washed away like sand going out to sea. If this is the case, you likely had parents emotionally or physically unable or unwilling to parent you.  Four Winds Counseling is here to help you heal. Melissa has extensive knowledge in the ramifications of the adult-child who was not parented and understands the full range of how those consequences in one’s life greatly impact your personal life and decisions.

Shame, religious cult participation,  eating disorders, toxic relationships are just a few examples of how this type of neglect can manifest. Working with a therapist can help to not only uncover these underlying pains and wounds, but also establish healthy and effective ways to move forward.