How do I choose a therapist?
Choosing a therapist that you feel can help you is critical to the therapeutic process. A huge piece of it lies in how you feel with the therapist. When entering an office for the first time simply ask yourself if the room feels warm and inviting. Then ask yourself if you feel safe and comfortable with the therapist. Do you feel heard by the therapist? Do you feel invited into a relationship by the therapist? The counseling experience is not always comfortable, but the comfortability lies in the context of the relationship with the therapist as the process gets uncomfortable. The relationship is critical.

How long does counseling last?
That answer lies in what the circumstances are in which you are entering the process in the first place. At Four Winds Counseling Center, there is never a time line put on the process. The process is both emphasized and honored, therefore the process defines the length of time.

Does Four Winds Counseling Center take my insurance?
Four Winds Counseling Center currently accepts Cigna, Blue Cross Anthem, and Beacon health insurance. The terms of the policy are handled prior to the first visit by Cindy of C & L Billing Management at 303-280-6262  Co-payment is required at the time of service.  Cash or check is preferred.  If a credit card is used it will be subject to a $3 processing fee for every co-payment session.

What method of payment does Four Winds Counseling Center accept?
Four Winds Counseling Center expects payment at the time of service. Cash, check, and certain credit cards are accepted.

How do I schedule an appointment?
Simple. Please visit our Contact Us page to quickly email Melissa Hunt or call 720-279-4631 and leave a message stating that you would like an appointment. Someone will respond to your email or phone message within 24 hours.